Travel Log: Installment I

Here’s the scoop:  I’ll be posting some of my travel blog from each city as I recall the exciting details of the trip.  Unfortunately, some guy stole my phone in France, so I’ll be relying on others for some of the following pictures.  For now, I’m banking on my prose power to bring this amazing adventure to life.

Landing at the Frankfurt airport was so awesome because everything was in German, and I could buy beer and Jagermeister at the snack stand.  Passport: stamped!  After celebrating, we took a nice long ride to our performance location where there was an amazing spread of breads, cheeses, meats, gummis, (Germans have the gummi market cornered) and other fine treats.   This lunch/dinner also included beer.  Lots of beer.

I learned pretty quickly that the cheapest light beer in Germany is usually the local brand, fresh, and a big source of pride with the locals.  I can’t say that I’ll drink a lot of beer in the states, but I sure didn’t want to offend anyone by refusing, so I gave it a shot, and sure enough, the stuff was great.
Playing a show right after getting off the plane was a test, but I think the band passed with flying colors, and we got to check out some amazing salsa bands before and after.  I also got to meet this great trumpet player, Amik, who is friends with a buddy back home, Farnell Newton.  What a player – and with his name on his horn, a custom job.  Someday, me too…