Oh…I always knew I’d love this country, and so far its true!  Visiting Hamburg for several days now has helped me find my way through this lovely place – from “morning” espresso (actually 2pm), donerkabobs & cheap (amazing) light beer for lunch, and a show and a stroll through the Reeperbahn late in to the night makes up for a fun set of travel.

March Fourth has been treated to great hospitality this trip, starting with Bielefield, where I met a great trumpet player, Amik Guerra.  Then Hamburg (see above).  And oh, Peine, you are the sweetest little town that showed us a wonderful time and was so receptive to our crazy stuff.  Plus a delicious spread of food and good convo!

We leave tomorrow for Hannover-Munden, then Leer where we’ll play in a castle!  So exciting!