Summer begins NOW!

New Bus!

So its on the road now – the new bus that can actually sleep everyone while moving! Old news to some, big news to others, but the kickstarter campaign really made a difference in our lives! Razzle Dazzle rests peacefully in Phoenix, although we’d love it if someone hauled her off to New Mexico and made an EarthShip out of her…

Wararusa was shut down last night after a mystery lightening storm was going to hit, but never did, so that was a bit of a bust. However, during the day was pretty sweet – I finally got to see Fitz and the Tantrums for a whole show, up front and center! Later got to meet Fitz, who is a sweetheart, and am proud to say I’m a big fan of their band. Checked out the  last bit of Primus, and Les Claypool didn’t disappoint, as he’s still the guy capable of playing super out, funky, bizarre songs. My night closed with watching a handful of M4 peeps onstage with Quixotic before I shuffled off to bed at 2am or so.

Onward to Memphis – I hope I finally get to see Graceland or something Elvis-related!