Oh my….St. Paddy’s in Hawaii was a wonderful break in my tour schedule with March Fourth. Flying out of Albuquerque and back in to Aspen was tricky business, what with airline delays and whatnot.

I left Taos, NM on Tues March 15 at 6am on a shuttle to ABQ, flew to LAX, then SFO, where a delay was concerning, as I had a show that night at Waikiki Sandbox. I arrived at the Box at 11pm, plenty of time to have a drink and start playing.  Stress level: medium.

Then, a delightful day off with Randy & Maryanne hosting a bbq at their house, which was a break before the onslaught of Irish gigs…

There has got to be somebody out there who took St. Paddy’s pics, but I haven’t seen them yet, but I can only imagine how sweaty and crazy we all looked after playing for 12 hours (!), but in all honesty, I had a bang-up time, and would totally do it again!

Saturday found us at Anna O’Brien’s and Once-A-Month-Punk, double-dippin for those fans who like to choose their venue. Thanks to Joah Buley for such great photos and for making us look awesome!