Yoga, and all the stuff it may be.

I wanted to title this somehow, “yoga blog: what no one else will tell you”, but then I realized that this is true for everyone. How? Because yoga is an entirely unique journey for each, and every body that does it. There’s gonna be a difference in students for every. single. posture. People might not be able to do a simple backbend, but then go so deep in to a forward fold, that it’s mind-boggling how one posture could exist like that for this body. Welp, it’s the truth. And here’s my truth about it. I may share some extra exciting, boring, whiny, or just plain simple musings, and that’s OK. If it doesn’t ring true for you, hooray, write your own blog, mmmkay?
I think I will take this all the way back to my first yoga class, and maybe edit that in to an entire chapter of my life. Aside from all the things I was doing at the time, I feel compelled to dig in to the journey that led me to where I am now…
It was a day when I was working on my master’s degree at PSU, and was riding my bike home from school. Downtown was a difficult place to find a parking spot, even with a pricey sticker to park in one of the university lots, so I just public transit, or rode the bike. I figured the extra exercise wouldn’t hurt, and I needed to clear my head after a day in research, practice, and a certain difficult private student, whom never practiced. My favorite thing to do on the bike was go exploring: taking a new path everyday in some way helped me learn all the streets, which ones went through, and which ones to avoid during traffic times. So, I turned down a street I’d never been on, and saw a studio, Yoga in the Pearl. “Damn hippie bullshit! Riding a bike is where it’s at, y’know! Transport, and a workout!” Something, and I have no idea what, compelled me to turn around and go inside. “What am I doing here?” I can’t remember exactly what I said, probably something along the lines of, “Hi, I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I’m interested in what’s being offered here”. The kind lady at the desk probably recommended something, but I’m sure I asked for something easy, and during the day, which is how I ended up taking a two-week introductory package of simple hatha yoga classes, unheated, and no woo-woo crap. I really liked the teacher, she wasn’t super young, or doing insane poses that put me off, I was really happy after I left each class.